Katrina Cribley
I'm a local resident, mom to two beautiful little girls, and wife to an awesome husband. We're transplants from Michigan and love living in Southeastern Connecticut. As a Patch contributor, I'll be writing a column called "Katrina's Corner." 
I'm a thinker by nature, a "doer" by force. I like to call myself a modern-day hunter and gatherer--of information. The more I know, the more I want to know. But I always have more questions than answers. Thank goodness for the Internet, right? As a mom, now more than ever I recognize the need to take care of ourselves, our children, and our environment. And in doing so, I strive to create a home that reflects what is really important–the simplicity of love and health, laughter and joy. But the reality is that my life consists of dirty dishes, sticky floors, laundry piles, an endless to-do list, a dwindling savings account, two little girls vying for my attention, a neglected husband, and finally, there’s me–always desperate for some "me-time!” Which brings us to Katrina's Corner--a place for me to put my feet up and do what I love to do: share information. I write about many things but concentrate on a few--mothering/parenting, children, living "green," living simply and frugally, cooking/baking, health and spirituality. OK, maybe that's more than few. But I collectively call my focus "Mothering, Green, and Simple." I write about what is relevant to me. And perhaps these things are relevant to you. I’m not aiming for perfection; I’m looking to find a happy balance, and perhaps someone to clean my house.
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