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 In 1996, after working for over 12 years in the communications industry, I left the corporate world for a more challenging venture…that of parenting.
 This undertaking offered me an education that no university could match without prerequisites.  I am doctor, psychologist, nurse, coach, referee – with a whistle and timeout chair, and I often dabble in entomology (yes, bugs!).  I have been a writer for most of my life and started freelance work in 2006 with publications appearing in the Norwich Bulletin, Connecticut’s County Kids, and Excursionz Magazine based here in Connecticut.  I also had a brief stint as a news correspondent for the Bulletin.  I look for the funny in everyday life and express it through my often-skewed sense of humor in my writing.  My favorite book is the dictionary because anything ever written or read is in there…it was just a matter of putting the right words together.  I live in Connecticut with my husband and two sons. 
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