Between The Pages of Operation Armageddon

A look between the pages of "Operation Armageddon". Warning: If you are prone to nightmares, faint of heart, or have trouble handling action filled stories, do not read this novel.

“The Armageddon” (Operation Armageddon in Kindle & Nook format) is the first book in “The Brotherhood of the Sword” trilogy.  It is the story of The Brotherhood and their quest to gain control of the United States government and in the process begin a global conflict that will bring them to their ultimate goal of world domination.  In this first book you will learn of the beginnings of the evil that grows into “The Brotherhood”.  Between the pages of this book is the gripping story of Craig Mason (a former Marine Sniper) and those who follow him in an effort to stop “The Armageddon”.


Have a look between the pages!!


In the valley of Kushta, over a thousand years before the birth of Christ, is where it began.


Bentar knelt before the altar of stone.  The sunlight began to spread across the floor of the valley until its warm rays found his back.  Bentar felt the warmth in the sunlight.  Still he shivered.

He bowed his head in prayer.  He prayed for protection from the evil that he felt creeping into the valley.  Bentar, high priest of the valley people, prayed for the strength he needed to defeat the evil that was taking over.  It was his responsibility to protect the valley of Kushta from such things.  Yet what could he do?

Bentar alone felt its presence.  How could he stop it?  Had it come from outside the village he could have dealt with it.  Everyone would have seen it.  Only it didn't come from outside the village.  It came from inside.  It came from his son.  How could he tell his people that the issue from his loins had the seed of evil in him? 

Felna had known.  Felna, Bentar's dead wife, had seen it before he had.  Two summers under the earth was Felna now, two long and lonely cycles of the seasons without her.  He missed her wonderful ways.

When Huscar was still a baby, Felna had known.  She had kept it to herself until she lie dying.  Bentar had been saddened by his wife's words.  How could a mother harbor such thoughts about her only child?  He hadn't believed her.  He had thought that it was the fever that caused her to say such things.  In truth she had been trying to warn him. 

Huscar was now sixteen summers old.  Old enough to succeed Bentar should he make the journey to be with his wife.  This he could not allow to happen.  But what could he do?  Huscar was the rightful heir to the title of High Priest.

Huscar had begun to have visions.  He claimed that an angel had visited him.  He had begun to foretell events.  The people were already swinging their allegiance to the boy.  Bentar was losing his position.  None of the people could see what he saw.

Huscar was handsome.  He stood a head taller than his father and possessed the face of an angel.  So proud Bentar had been of his son.  Now pride had been replaced by fear.  How could he, Bentar, High Priest of the people of the valley, be so helpless against his own son?

Bentar heard his approach.  From the uneven shuffle he knew that it was Kelt.  A spear wound gave the shuffling gate to him.  He had taken the spear in his hip in order to shield Bentar from the hurtling weapon.  That had been nearly ten summers ago.  The wound had never healed right and it left him to walk in pain for the rest of his life.

“What is it?” Bentar asked rising and turning from the altar to face Kelt.

“Huscar summons you to the meeting place.”  The contempt in the old warrior's voice was ill concealed.  Kelt who had been one of Bentar's strongest supporters had turned his allegiance to Huscar.

Bentar saw the guards waiting only a few yards away.  They had come with Kelt.  Bentar saw the black armbands that marked them as belonging to Huscar's private guard.  He noted bitterly the absence of his own guards.  Bentar had little doubt that if he refused to go they would drag him with them.  It would do no good for the people to see the High Priest dragged through the street.  He would have to go with them upright and with the dignity that his office required.

As they approached the center of the city Bentar saw the forge that had been set up in the center of the meeting place.  It was there Huscar waited.  A thin trail of smoke rose from the forge.  As Bentar came closer he could see the handle of a sword protruding from the glowing coals.

People squatted on the floor near the forge and more still sat in the seating areas.  It looked like all of the men of the village had gathered there.  The women and children were nowhere to be seen.  This was a bad sign.

“Huscar, I demand to know why my morning prayers were interrupted?  Why has this meeting been called without my knowledge?  Where are the women and children?”  Bentar did his best to keep the fear from his voice.

“This does not concern the women of the village.  They should not be troubled with such proceedings as these.  You have not been told of this meeting because father, you are no longer the High Priest of the Valley.”

“What is this blasphemy?  Have you lost your senses?”

“No father, I have all my senses and more still!”

“So, you would be High Priest before your time.  Is that the greed that you have in you?”  Bentar was shouting.  He was in danger of losing control.

“High Priest?  You are foolish with age.  I seek not that which is mine already by right of birth.  I am more than merely a High Priest!”

“So what is it Huscar?  Are you to be King?  We are a free people without a King.”  Bentar felt the anger rise.  His fear was being shoved aside by the stronger of the two emotions.

“I am more than a King unto these people.  I am more than a High Priest.  I am a prophet, King, High Priest and healer to the people of the valley.  I am the light that leads my people to the one all powerful god of this world.”

“I do not believe....” Bentar began only to be cut off by Huscar.

“I can see that you need proof of my power.  Kelt step forward!  Watch father and see the power that my god has given me!”

Kelt did as he was bid.  In his pained shuffle he came forward.  Bentar remained silent and watched.  Here he thought was the chance that he had waited for.  Huscar would be seen by everyone for the fake that he was.  He began to feel sorry for the youth.

Kelt knelt before Huscar who placed his hands on Kelt's graying head.  With a loud and resounding voice Huscar began.  “Kelt, obedient servant of our almighty god, feel the healing power that has been given to me by Kagar the almighty.  Walk from this moment on without pain or infirmity!”

Immediately Kelt sprang back.  He strode about in a circle with the gate of a young man.  Bentar stared with open mouth as the crowd cheered.

Bentar finally found his voice and shouted to be heard above the cheering crowd.  “Huscar, you are in league with the powers of darkness.  Men of the valley can you not see that this is not of our God?  I plead with you, do not be fooled by this!”

Huscar laughed at the words of his father.  He signaled the guards who seized Bentar.  They bound and gagged him.  The men cheered louder as the guards completed their task.

Once bound and gagged Bentar was brought near the forge.  He could see the handle of the sword whose blade was buried in the glowing coals of the fire.  It was in the shape of a serpent.

“Men of the valley, from this day forth we will be known as the people of Kagar.  We will serve him even unto our death.  I have seen the future!  The power and glory we shall know is beyond measure.”  Huscar pulled the sword from the forge.  Its blade glowed white hot.  “This is the symbol of the power of our god.  With it the disciples of Kagar shall find the power that is rightfully theirs!  I am the first of the eighteen disciples.  I have been foreordained for this.  It is my mission on this earth.

“In the vision I have seen the future that we can create!  Kagar, the almighty god of this earth, has revealed it to me.  It can be ours!  All that we need do is obey him!

“We shall go forth with sword and spear in hand.  Nation upon nation shall fall on their knees before us.  Their riches and bounty we shall take.  Sacrifices we shall make unto our god and for this we shall grow in riches and power.  The streets of our city shall be paved with the gold of our enemies.

“Unto Kagar the almighty we shall sacrifice a worthy offering for what he will give us.  We shall bring to the altar the blood of our enemies!”

The crowd roared their approval as Huscar strode about the forge with the sword held high in the air.  His stride and posture sickened Bentar who had been reduced to a mere spectator.  How could he have let this happen?

“Only one step remains to bring the full power to the sword.  Its blade must be tempered in blood!”  The crowd quieted at Huscar's words.  An unnatural stillness fell over the meeting place.  Not a bird sang or insect buzzed.  It was as if the whole world held its breath for an instant.  Every living thing seemed to stop and wait. 

Bentar watched in silent horror as Huscar, his own son approached him with the glowing sword.  Wedged between the two huge guards he could not move.  Gagged as he was he couldn't cry out.  Bentar, high Priest of the Valley, could only wait in mute horror as Huscar came to him.

“Father,” Huscar spoke solemnly to his bound father; “Kagar honors you with the privilege of bringing his kingdom to power here on the earth.”

It wasn't until the white-hot blade was driven into his chest did Bentar give up hope that someone would stop Huscar.  The hiss of quenched heat and the smell of burnt flesh and boiling blood mixed with intense pain filled the last mortal moments of Bentar's life.  Mercifully he did not hear the cheering of his people as he slumped to the ground.

This is only the end of the beginning.  To read more of this story visit my website and click on “Read Exerp”.


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