Meet Montville Teen and Music Impresario Brian Johnson, aka Brian J

He's on his way with a new five-song album and New York City concert slated.


Brian Johnson comes off as much older, more mature than his youthful 15 years. The R&B impresario, yes, that’s what he is, is at once driven and focused, committed and talented.

So the ninth grader, on a mission to make a go of it in the tough, often unforgiving music industry, just might make it all the way to the top. And if a serious work ethic, commitment to his education and family is any measure, he’ll rocket to the top.

A singer, rapper, drummer, producer, lyricist, and recording engineer says, “school and family come first,” but soon thereafter, he’s in his studio – the ‘Hit Room’ -- trying new beats,  layering rhythms, adding lyrics.

“I’ve loved music all my life,” he explained. In fact, his mother is a singer and his father is a disc jockey, known as RJ the DJ.

“They gave me the passion,” Brian said. He has played percussion with his mother on stage with her band Borrowed Toys. He’s grabbed the mic and emceed while his father played gigs.

A Montville native, Brian J as he is known professionally, has produced a number of sings and currently has a web site that features his brand new album, My Type EP, which features five of his new songs; R&B with a lot of hip-hop vibe thrown in, especially on songs like ‘Hit Me Up’ and ‘Which One.’ Check out the album here. 


The Hit Room

Brian went from a microphone and a “simple program” into a studio built in his basement. The Hit Room has a sound proofed recording booth, a Shure KSM27 mic, Pro Tools LE 8 software, musical instruments, "and a comfortable environment to make music and express your talent." Brian said he will record music for clients, edit and mix for $25 an hour.

 “I love making my own music and helping (others) do theirs, too,” he said.

So he’s an impresario and an entrepreneur.


Brian has performed since he was 9 at various venues with his family. He’s been in talent shows and entertained at parties. But now, he’s taking it one step further. He’ll be appearing this summer at the Make Music New York Tour at Fort Tryon Park in New York on June 21. He sounds low-key about the venue but on the inside, he’s very excited, he said.

He is also slated to appear weekly at Ocean Beach in New London.

Check out Brian's music on YouTube, Reverbnation or his website. 


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