Yay or Nay to Full Day K? Check Out What Montville Said

On our Facebook page, more than 125 people 'voted.'



Last week And that means Superintendent Pamela J. Aubin needs to, as she said, sharpen her pencil and find savings somewhere in the budget to support full day K a longtime Montville dream deferred.

On Montville Patch’s Facebook page we posed a simple question: 'Yay or Nay' to full day Kindergarten? The response was overwhelming.

More than 125 people either hit the Like button or commented and the overwhelming majority was in favor. 

Of the (to date) whopping 73 comments, the vast majority were ‘Yays’ or positive comments supporting full day Kindergarten and the 54 ‘Likes, by definition, are also ‘Yays.’  

There were a handful that were completely opposed for different reasons including cost and potential strain on children that age in a class all day.

One commenter shared this: “Agree but with reservations. If the time is used to reinforce work, give more social skills time , help time for those who need extra help, and to do some of the fun things they no longer do, then I am all for it . If they are going use the time to 'cram' more into those little kids, NO NO NO. They are only young once. Remember that they are kids. School should be a fun and pleasurable place to want to go in order to learn.” This post had six people give the thumbs-up.

But most of the comments were along this line: “Yay…please please yay. I am a working mom. My daughter is in full day preschool and this year I’m going to have to put her in a private school if this half-day thing doesn't stop. If she went down to half day she would be going backwards and I sure wouldn't be able to have a job. They need to make this happen.”

We’ll email this story to Aubin and the Board of Education! 

Danielle L February 19, 2013 at 12:11 PM
We need to remember and be cautious that Full Day K isn't Daycare. The board of Ed supports is on its merits for general learning and enrichment. The Board of Ed doesn't take into account the need for daycare. That said, I am beyons supportive and excited at the thought of Full Day K!
jane February 19, 2013 at 03:18 PM
I would guess if one of my 2 kids were K age I too would be in favor. But, like most in favor of this idea, it is because they want the cost of their kids out of their pocket and into the taxpayers' collective pocket. I would like to see the studies that prove its effectiveness. Some area schools that have had it and then not had it - what are the standardized test scores like over the years for the kids that started in all day K. Are those grades testing any better than the years that did not have all day K? Just wondering.
Danielle L February 19, 2013 at 03:45 PM
The Board of Ed had a committee assigned to just that task last year. They had committee members assigned to travel to other schools and observe as well as collect data. It was presented to the Board and any citizens wishing to hear it, early last year. You are welcome to contact them for a copy of the study. As a long time proponent of the Full Day K, I can tell you that I have heard the presentation, and found it overwhelmingly beneficial to the children. I am not sure how old your kids are, but with my oldest being in 2nd grade, I would have loved for him to have Full Day K. There is so much pressure put on the facts and fundamentals they must learn, that a full day enhances their ability to review and retain the info, rather than cramming it into 1.75 hours of time each day. (the 1.75 hours is what left after you factor in the "specials" and other non educational time.) Kindergarten, or any elementary grade for that matter, isn't what it was when I went to school. They need any chance they can get to soak up the information.


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