Viewfinder: At Montville High, Chaos, Energy, Excitement (with Video)

Some are happy to be back. Others, well...

Lisa Mileski

For Lisa Mileski, there's nothing much good about school starting.

And she's a parent.

Mileski is dropping her son Josh off at Montville High School this morning, in the rain. He's a junior this year.

Lisa thinks hard about the question, but when she gets right down to it, she says, "I don't like school starting."

Kevin Carignan

Kevin Carignan got to school this morning via skateboard. He's OK with "seeing my buddies again," but not so much with the whole notion of "having to get up this early."

FYI, the first bell rings at 7:35 a.m.

Michael, Alex and Tina Cochran

Today is the first day of high school for the Cochran triplets - Michael, Alex and Tina, all 14.

There's a lot of stress, and a lot of worry. There's a huge potential for getting lost in the high school, and it's weighing heavily on all three.

Colleen Pinckney

Colleen Pinckney has worked as a paraprofessional for years, but the student she had been working with has graduated and today, she is starting with someone new.

She's excited about it, and sure that it will go well. But it's a change, and a change in schedule, too. She had been working afternoons; getting going this early will take some getting used to, she says. 

She loves "hearing all the summer stories," on the first day of school, she says. And "I really love working with the kids."

Leonard Bunnell

Montville Police Lt. Leonard Bunnell strides up to the entryway of Montville High School, talks to parents and teachers, and watches the kids come in.

There is not a full-time school resource officer at the high school right now, Bunnell says, but Montville Police will be at the school as students come and go, and during the day as well.

Bunnell says the best part of the first day of school is "the smiles. Everybody seems cheerful," he says.

And on this cold and wet day, the worst part is the rain.

Susan Orzechowski

Susan Orzechowski works in the main office. Kids are lost, they can find their lockers, they've forgotten the combinations, they don't know their homerooms, they need forms for this and paperwork for that...

"It's crazy!" Orzechowski says, smiling. "It always is!"

Chad Ellis

Chad Ellis started as principal of Montville High School in January, and so this is his first opening day of school.

He's standing in the main hall with social studies teacher Michael Marelli and special ed teacher Bob Zeppieri. The three are directing traffic, answering questions, greeting students.

Ellis says the first day is "interesting."

"I'm a little anxious," he says, what with the delay of opening day and the stress and focus of Tropical Storm Irene. "I want to make sure that it's smooth."

So far, so good, he says.

Ni-Shel Pemberton and Tiffany Wieczorek

Ni-Shel Pemberton, a junior, and Tiffany Wieczorek, a senior, are pretty happy about school. The best part of the first day of school is "getting dressed," they say. Skinny jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are what's in this year.

Heather Huston and Melissa Truex

For Heather Huston and Melissa Truex, it's great to see all their her friends again. And, Truex says, with the faintest hint of embarrassment, "I actually like the classes."


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