School Board Wins High Praise From State Association

Montville Schools Board of Education awarded Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Distinction Award for the fourth year in a row.


The Connecticut Association of Boards of Education honored the Montville Board of Education last week with the CABE Board of Distinction Award for the fourth year in a row.  This Level II award is reserved for those districts that have received the CABE Leadership Award at least twice in the prior four years. 

“It’s a big thing and we’re very, very proud,” Board chair David Rowley said.

Prior to the institution of Level II recognition, the Montville Board of Education has been recognized with the CABE Leadership Award every year since 2002.

Superintendent Pamela J. Aubin praised the board.

“As a superintendent, it is a pleasure to work with the Montville Board of Education.  They take seriously their responsibilities to the community.  They are informed advocates of educational quality and have a deep understanding of the complexity of the organization.  They conduct their meetings in a professional manner, give careful consideration to new policies, programs and initiatives,” Aubin said.

Throughout American Education Week earlier this month, board members visited staff in all Montville schools, Aubin said, “to reach out and learn about their work.” 

CABE award eligibility is a process with strict criteria. Aubin said her office was able to provide multiple examples and evidence of their work through the application process for the award. 

The Board met multiple criteria within the categories of:

  • Board Leadership/Student Achievement
  • Board Member Professional Development
  • Policy
  • Community Relations
  • Related Organizational Leadership.

“In addition to written documentation, they serve at the state level of various committees and participate in CABE Day on the Hill and sponsor or participate in legislative breakfasts to keep legislators informed of the issues local Boards of Education and districts are facing,” she said.

By way of example, Aubin said, board member Bob Mitchell was elected to the CABE Board of Directors on Friday.

“Their work is reflected in the agendas, minutes, policies, goals, and budget that are posted on the district/town web site and the Eye on Education interviews on Channel 22,” Aubin said. “Montville is fortunate to have such an exemplary Board of Education.”

According to the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, school boards and superintendents deserving of the awards are "characterized by their ability to work together as teams.”

The CABE Board Recognition Awards are designed to recognize Boards which fulfill 22 of the 34 Level One criteria and the Board of Distinction Award is only for boards which have achieved Level One distinction at least twice in the prior four years are eligible to receive the Board of Distinction Award. Boards must achieve at least two Level Two items in each Level Two category to receive this award.

The award was presented last week at the CABE/CAPSS convention.

Linda November 23, 2012 at 07:19 PM
One of the few things that is done right in Montville. Congrats to the BOE. Maybe the council can learn from them and stop harping on how they spend thier money. Keep up the good work BOE.
Thomas January 03, 2013 at 12:14 AM
Yeah, just another reason to go out and celebrate with another DUI.


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