Q&A with Eagle Scout Colby Costa [with VIDEO]

The Montville High School junior has earned the highest award in Scouting

Colby James Costa has been in Scouting for nearly his whole life, and it’s paid off in a lot of ways.

Many of them, you can’t see. They’re qualities of character, leadership, honor.

Others, you can see. They’re badges and goals and projects and achievements.

And one is that Colby James Costa has reached the rank of Eagle Scout.


EAGLE SCOUT IS THE HIGHEST RANK the Boy Scouts of America awards, and it is not an easy thing to achieve. You have to earn at least 21 Scout badges, and hold a leadership position for at least a year. You have to demonstrate Scout spirit, through the Boy Scout Oath and through service. And you have to come up with, plan and execute a project.

Costa has earned the rank.  He was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. His Eagle Scout project was to create an island garden for St. John’s Roman Catholic Church, where Troop 93 meets.

Once you are an Eagle Scout, you are always an Eagle Scout.


COSTA'S DAD, JOHN, is impressed with Colby’s achievement, especially, he says, since Colby had “some obstacles in his way.”

John and Colby’s mom, Kelly, “had to push Colby a little on the Eagle Scout thing,” John says.  But Scouting has been a good thing in the Costas’ life, John says. Colby, he says, is kind to others. Respectful. And he’s a good friend, too.

Here are eight questions for Costa:

What got you into Scouting?

When we were in first grade, my buddies and I all joined together.

What has Scouting taught you?

Leadership. How to get things done.  Whenever we went on a camp-out, I was some kind of leader. I had to orient the little kids.

What differences does he see between kids in Scouting and kids not in Scouting?

The ones in Boy Scouts have their heads a little more in what they want to do. The ones who don’t are just sort of floating by.

What plans does he have for when he graduates?

I would hope to go to a college not really close to home. Maybe get a degree in criminal justice.

What about after college?

Maybe be in the service. My dad wants me to join the Coast Guard. I’m thinking about something like the Border Patrol in Texas. They go on certain missions that I think I could handle and be good at.

What was it like to go before the Board of Review for the Eagle Scout ranking?

I knew all the members of the board, and I wasn’t really nervous. They asked questions about the project, life, goals…

What was the hardest part of the project?

I’m not a big paperwork guy. The only downside of the Eagle Scout project was the paperwork.

What would you say to a boy thinking about Scouting?

If any littler guys out there want to get into something big, start in Cub Scouts, then work your way up to Eagle Scout.

Lee-Anne Doyle Johns January 25, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Colby we are so proud of your achievement!! I'm very impressed that you stuck with it when many of your friends did not. Love ya kiddo!!


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