Oakdale Students Organize Care Box Donation for US Soldiers

Student Leadership Council at Oakdale Elementary School has organized a care package for military


From Oakdale School:

"The Student Leadership Council of Oakdale had a drive to put together Care Boxes for our soldiers in Afghanistan. They also made cards and drawings that were included in the boxes.

Thousands of US soldiers have said how grateful they are for receiving letters and packages from family and friends while serving overseas. They also said the support from strangers is what they find most astounding.

The Council members wished to support these men and women who are serving so far from home. They asked Oakdale families to contribute items that were included in the care packages. The students hope the thoughtfulness and generosity will go a long way in helping to bring a smile to each of their faces! All the items were collected for a week. The items were put into boxes after December 7th and were mailed out a few days later.

Some of the items included were chewing gum, cookies, beef jerky, canned nuts and sunflower seeds, canned and dried fruit, coffee, shaving cream, socks, Sudoku books and crossword puzzle books. 

Thank you to the generosity of all the Oakdale families who donated to this worthy cause."


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