Mohegan Elementary School's Security System Had Folks Buzzing on Facebook

Most were happy with the system, some thought it didn't go far enough. What about you?


In light of the laser focus on school security in the wake of the horror of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, Montville Patch was thrilled to see the security system in place at Mohegan Elementary School while covering a story this week. The system requires people visting the locked school to not only buzz and identify themselves, but must show photo ID into a camera lens mounted on the front door. 

Folks on Facebook (What? You’re not with us on Facebook? You don’t know what you’re missing! Come and check us out!) were equally happy to see tight security although some wondered if it was enough and others reminded Patch that other Montville schools have the same or similar security measures in place. More than 70 people 'Liked' the photo, several 'Shared' it and many, many others commented. 

So, I wanted to share the photo and comments from Facebook with you this weekend.

And, I hope you’ll become part of the discussion here, on Montville Patch and on Montville Patch’s Facebook page!

KEV January 31, 2013 at 02:07 AM
This is wrong, wrong, wrong. While this may give a false sense of security for some of the sheeple, the reality is that is does absolutly nothing to make our kids safer. What a joke!


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