Interim Campus Security Officer Mike Collins Started Work Monday

Schools superintendent said hiring Collins was her idea and she's his boss; "He's a good fit."


he’s already on the job, Patch was told, since Monday. And, Montville Schools Superintendent Pamela Aubin said, he’s already “been needed.”

Aubin said hiring the former Montville Resident State Trooper as ‘Interim Campus Safety Officer” was her decision.

“I know Mike. He was trained as a school resource officer. He was a DARE officer. He knows the town. He knows the job. He’s worked with kids,” she said, “I decided he was the right fit and hired him.”

But not before doing research, she said, including having the schools attorney confirm Collins could carry pepper spray and a Taser (yes, she said they were told, as long as the Board agrees), and conferring with other districts that employ private security, like Ledyard and East Lyme, Aubin said. In fact, it’s East Lyme’s policy that was borrowed from in part to write the policy and job description.

“I couldn’t delay school security any longer.  And now, with Mike, he’s our employee, he doesn’t report to the police department; he reports to me,” she said.

Collins is being paid $25 an hour for a 40-hour week without benefits. (As a former state trooper, he’s already collecting a pension.) Aubin said she ordered an end-of-the-year analysis of salaries, encumbrances and noted that all positions had been filled including a pre-school position so “there would be enough to cover the interim position.” The board will reevaluate it in June and make a decision going forward; did it work?

Collins will work a flexible shift, Aubin said, to include after and before school events. He will be based at Montville High School but will cover the district. He will not be permitted to arrest anyone, but can detain, perform investigations and radio police in emergencies, Aubin said.

“Mike’s in great shape. He's a good fit for the job of campus safety officer,” he said.  Collins is 50.

The policy, which will be officially voted o by the BOE next Tuesday, is similar to the description of an SRO sans any reference to the police department.

“Before we had no say, no control. The officer reported to the police department. We took all those references out. Now, the safety officer is an employee (of the schools).”

DARE Officer Robert Bedard, who has been covering all the schools since now former SRO Karen Moorehead was removed from the job at the beginning of January, will remain that youth officer; he was previously stationed at Leonard J. Tyl Middle School.

Aubin said the school district and board “have nothing to do with all that.”

“That was the dilemma; the officers worked for the police department. We can say nothing. Now, the Campus Security Officer is our employee.”

Toni Johnson February 08, 2013 at 05:06 AM
Mrs. Aubin never cares what anyone has to say. She forgets she works for the town, so she works for tax payers.
jane February 08, 2013 at 10:10 AM
Thank you for asking Ellyn. I suppose this could have been all on the up and up but I question the social responsibilty of this. It's not like she hired a janitor at $12 an hour. With our state in the 8+ unemployment bracket maybe we could have posted this job and found someone even more capable who doesn't already have an annual income from the taxpayers. Maybe we could have found someone a little younger, more physically fit (looking - I only say that because it doesn't appear that this gentleman could outrun too many people), and (maybe) more importantly someone that actually 'needs' a job. I would expect that there are several local veterans that have security experience and are extremely fit for a job where a weapon in not used. Just saying.
carry saunders March 19, 2013 at 12:37 AM
Jane ...for the love of god...enough already...you are one miserable person...wth is your issue with everything that goes on in this town...why are you so concerned with others lives...you must not have one...geez...I truly think your a miserable insider that has nothing better in life than to talk crap and make crap for others...I don't see you making a difference ANYWHERE..let it go...and I think I know who you are...that may answer a ton of questions...get a grip already..YOUR MISERABLE!! AS FOR MIKE COLLINS...GOOD FOR YOU!!! and Jane you must not TRULY know him..because your opinion would not be so hasty!!
jane March 19, 2013 at 09:49 AM
carry saunders - since i've never heard of you I can assure you that you DO NOT know me. Why would I care if the position was posted? Geez, let me think about that. Maybe becasue it's my tax money that feeds the Montville Male Club. Maybe I don't like all the back door deals, all the sly paybacks for 'friends', and the general mismanagement of this town. Yeah, maybe that's my gripe. What is your issue with my concerns, 'for the love of god'?
Judy March 19, 2013 at 12:28 PM
My goodness I can't believe the insults I am reading! Why can't we all just get along, but I guess that to much to ask. As for Mike Collins, I feel we were lucky to get him with the experience he brings with him.


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