BOE Blesses Drug Search and Seizure Policy For Schools

And approves new Campus Safety Officer job description and officer -- former RST Mike Collins


The Montville Board of Education has approved the drug dog policy at Tuesday’s meeting.

Dubbed the approved unanimously by the board, would have drug-sniffing dogs search schools and parking lots – and cars – for drugs.

Generally when the dogs are poised to do a search students are not notified in advance, and while kids wouldn’t necessarily get a heads-up, they will be informed by teacher and via school-wide TV explaining how the search procedure will work. Montville High School Principal Jeff Theodoss, who has been an administrator at other schools that had a search and seizure policy, suggested letting students know how the process will work.

“The idea is this is a positive measure to keep drugs out of schools; let students know we’re proactive but serious …not an ‘I got you,’ (approach). The point is we try to be proactive…”

And speaking of being proactive, the BOE voted unanimously and without discussion to not only approve the new Campus Safety Officer job description but also to approve the hiring (after the fact) of former Montville Resident State Trooper Michael Collins to be the schools interim security officer as well as allow him to carry pepper spray and a Taser. 

Keith Faulkner February 13, 2013 at 05:01 PM
Not a bad idea I guess. Tell me something. If some kid is caught with a joint,will this ruin his life forever? Will he never get passed this infraction when he starts his life? Or will it relegate him or her to a life of crap jobs and rejection of a good school for the next 10 years? Just wondering.
KEV February 17, 2013 at 01:13 PM
This is bad. We have deteriorated has a society that we not only let the government / police do this, but we cheer it on like it is a good idea. So sad.


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