A Minute with the Superintendent [VIDEO]

Pamela Aubin talks about full-day kindergarten and some of the issues

Superintendent Pamela Aubin - a former elementary school teacher - believes that full-day kindergarten would be a real boon for Montville, and that this is the time to initiate the change.

Beyond the benefit to the pupils, Montville schools have the room to expand to full-day.

And right now, she says, they have the teachers.

The current first grade and elementary classes above first are larger than the current kindergarten, and larger than the incoming kindergartens of the foreseeable future, she says. So there are teachers available already.

While the school system could lay those teachers off, she says, "that money is just wasted." The town would pay unemployment and insurance, and the savings would be minimal.

If Montville changed to full-day kindergarten, she says, it would become part of the core program of the school system, no more negotiable than half-day first grade, she says.

A committee formed to study the issue reported recently to the Board of Education, coming out strongly in favor of full-day kindergarten. That group's report may be found as a video with this story.

Kristin January 27, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Full day kindergarten is an excellent move, it’s long overdue. Go Montville! Great work Aubin. How about incorporating a second language (Spanish, French, or Chinese) into the curriculum for all elementary students during the change? 15 minutes a day of a second language taught to young minds yields amazing results.


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