State Senate Candidate Doyle Says He's Been Endorsement by Independents

Republican Doyle is running for 20th District seat, which includes part of Montville.


From a press release issued by the Doyle campaign:

State Senate candidate for the 20th district, Mike Doyle will be on the ballot this November under both the Republican Party line and the Independent party line.

“I am very proud to be a Republican endorsed by the Independent party for the upcoming election,” Doyle said.

Doyle is a 51-year-old widower and father of two.  He has decades of service experience, including six years as executive assistant to the Commissioner of the Department of Correction and 12 years as former director of the Governor's Eastern Connecticut Office the last few years during the Gov. Jodie Rell administration.  

In order to receive a second line on the ballot, Doyle had to collect 1% of the total votes cast during the last election for state senate in his district.  The campaign submitted more than 450 signatures, well over the threshold stipulated by the Secretary of State.

Republican State Party Chairman, Jerry Labriola, Jr. has been supportive of the petitioning process and common ground between the parties.

“We are pleased that the Independent Party has recognized the common sense solution offered by our Republican candidates and has chosen to cross-endorse many of them,” Labriola said.

“This levels the playing field and provides a counterweight to the Democratic Party’s alliance with the Working Families Party,” said Doyle.

Thus far, 15 Republican candidates in the state senate have been cross endorsed by the Independent Party and at least half a dozen in the state House, while 17 Democratic Senate contenders and 39 House candidates are also on the Working Families Party line.

Doyle said if elected he would not support any tax increase and would make sure the state adheres to the spending cap and puts public safety first.

The 20th District includes Old Lyme, East Lyme, half of Old Saybrook, Waterford, New London, Montville, Salem and Bozrah.



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