Public Safety Commission, June 27

What was said at the very end

Mayor Joe Jaskiewicz

On sidewalks: Though it's the wrong time of the year for it, the town is looking at an ordinance on shoveling sidewalks. One will be shoveled, he said, and the next one won't.

"Things like that, it's a public safety issue."

On the firefighter-hiring process: "I really am pleased. I can't say enough about the process."

Candy Buebendorf, Town Council liasion

On the Neighborhood Watch Facebook page started by Montville Police Officer Gregg Jacobson  (click to read the story):  "It's really good to know what's going on."

On Patch: "Ray Occhialini's blog is very useful, too."

James Moran

"I totally think the K-9 program is the greatest thing a department can have. (Montville) should start with three. It's cheaper than hiring new officers."

Gary Allyn

"I think Ray Occhialini deserves a lot of credit. There is nobody in town who deal with" as many different levels and departments as Occhialini does.

"He's certainly taken on more than anyone would expect."

Russ Wehner

"I think we are going to have some belt-tightening. We all know that as the economy sinks, crime rises."

On Montville Police Department's Facebook Page: "There are a few of us who are a direct descendent of Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it's a great communication medium for a generation that we are all not part of. These are the kinds of things that we as a group are going to have to look at."

He suggested getting fund-raising started now to implement the K-9 program.

Chairman David Jetmore

"Ray Occhialini has done a marvelous job" with the public safety building, the communications tower project, the regional dispatch program and more.


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