Montville's Top Ten Taxpayers

The 2012 Grand List is $1.24 billion



The current mill rate in Montville is .02933 or $29.33 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Now you can do the math!

Top Ten Taxpayers 

1. Connecticut Light & Power Company $29,052,023

2. CSC Montville Commons LP (Stop & Shop plaza) $13,572,850

3. Home Depot USA $11,819,922

4. Montville Power LLC $11,509224

5. Rand Whitney Containerboard LTD $8,938,782

6. Stonestreet Hospitality Realty Company (Hyatt) $8,497,910

7. AES Thames Inc. (Real estate)* $7,965,040

8. Jensens Inc. $5,975,846

9. Burkhard Hotel Partners II LLC (Best Western) $5,116,333

10. AES Thames LLC* $4,892,488

*AES Thames, as Assessor Lucy Beit explained is still on the books but a loss in value; real estate, buildings.

Keith Faulkner February 05, 2013 at 05:11 PM
If a buyer cant be found for AES Thames. Whats to become of it? The owners just throw up there arms and walk away? Is there anyone on the town council trying to shop the plant around? If all else fails AES should be held accountable to return the land back the way it was before it was built. look at the old paper plant on 163. I would bet that old place is still leaking pollution to this day.


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