Montville Public Service Building Communications Tower, DUI Enforcement, WPCA

Want to See the Request for Proposals for the Communications Tower? Find It in the Photo Box

Communications Tower Informational Meeting

About 15 people attended the informational session Wednesday on the Request for Proposals for the communications tower to be built as a part of the public safety building complex, said Fire Marshal Ray Occhialini.

They came from as far as New York and New Jersey, Occhialini said, though most were local.

Some of their concerns focused on the fact that they would build the tower, and at the end of the construction, the town would own the tower, Occhialini said. In many cases, the company that builds the tower continues to own it and to lease all or most of the space on it.

They also expressed questions and concerns about the removal of the old tower.

To see the Request for Proposals, which describes precisely what the town wants in the tower, please open the Tower RFP document in the photo box that accompanies this story. The deadline for bids is 2 p.m. April 20.

Public Safety Commission

In the most recent Public Safety Commission meeting, Montville Police Lt. Leonard Bunnell reported that now that the weather has cleared, he is increasing motor vehicle enforcement activities. The department has been awarded a grant of $15,000 for enforcement of Driving While Intoxicated laws, and Bunnell said that citizens should be aware that there will be more police out there, watching for law-breakers.

Water Pollution Control Authority

In a special meeting March 28, the Water Pollution Control Authority voted to hire Municipal Financial Services of Annapolis, MD, over Wright Pierce, of Middletown, to perform a cost percentage analysis and wastewater treatment system rate study.

Municipal Financial Services had a bid of $56,000. Wright Pierce had bid $65,700.

Superintendent Michael Didato told the group that his preference was for Wright Pierce, but that he thought both firms were well qualified.

Wright Pierce, he said, told him that it could not get the study done in the time frame the town wants, and Didato saw their statement as a positive factor in their favor.

Others on the WPCA agreed.

“They were very frank and forthright,” Bob Thorn said.

Both groups got excellent recommendations, Didato said, adding that people who had employed Wright Pierce went out of their way to say how great the company was.

Municipal Financial Services has had more experience on a national level, according to attorney Ron Oschner, and Wright Pierce has more experience with litigation issues.

The vote was 3-2 in favor of Municipal Services Group, with commissioners Tony Siragusa, Thorn and Bob May voting for the group and Ellen Hillman and  voting in favor was Commissioners Siragusa, Thorn and May, voting in opposition was Commissioners Hillman and Deborah Schober voting against it.




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