You Could Get a Tax Break from Montville

If you're disabled, or a veteran, you might be eligible

It's tax time, and Tax Assessor Lucy Beit wants you to know that you might have some exemptions coming your way.

Here are some of the programs:


Elderly/disabled homeowner exemption

If you are an elderly or disabled homeowner, you can get at least $150 off the property tax on your home. If you have a permanent Social Security disability, you may qualify for this program, no matter your age.

To qualify:

  • You must have lived in Connecticut for at least oneyear
  • You must have gross income, including Social Security of less than $39,500, if you're married, and $32,300 if you're single.
  • If you're disabled, you must have your disability letter on file with the assessor's office.
  • You must own your home or have a deeded life use of your home. Mobile homes are included.

The application period ends May 15.


Veteran's Exemption

In addition to your basic veteran's exemption, you might be eligible to receive additional exemptions from the town.

You have to qualify for these exemptions, or requalify, if you've received them in the past.

To qualify, you mut be a veteran, and have income below $39,500, if you're married, and $32,300 if you are single.

Applications are available at the assessor's office.


What to bring

To apply for either exemption, bring your completed 2011 IRS form 1040, and your Social Security statements to the tax assessor's office.

If you don't file with the IRS, Beit says, bring bank statements; stock, bond snad IRA dividend statements; and pension and Social Security statements, for yourself and, if you're married, for your spouse. If you work, bring proof of your wages. Also bring documentation of any interest income, alimony, net income from rental properties, or net income from sale of real estate. If you're a veteran, bring proof of your veteran's pension. If you worked for the railroad, bring proof of your railroad retirement income.

The Assessor's Office page on the Town of Montville website has information about other programs, too. Click here to find that information. If you have more questions, call the assessor's office at 860-848-3030, ext. 5.

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