Meet Sgt. Martin Martinez, Montville's New Resident State Trooper

Nearly 29 years as a CSP Trooper, Martinez has plans for the department


He’s the new guy on the block. Well, not exactly. He’s been around the neighborhood, so to speak, for some time, albeit in different roles.

Now, Connecticut State Police Sgt. Martin Martinez’ new role is that of Montville’s latest Resident State Trooper. His first day on the job was June 29. He replaces former Resident State Trooper Troy Gelinas.

Gelinas, who joined the department as the resident trooper in September of 2011, announced 7 months later, in April of this year, that he would be seeking a

A Good Fit

Montville Mayor Ronald McDaniel said Martinez is a good fit for the town.

“He knows the community, he knows the players,” McDaniel said. “We’ve already had a very, very good dialogue. We’re starting on the same page. I’m pretty pleased. You never know who you’re going to get.”

Martinez, the first Puerto Rican CSP officer in Eastern Connecticut, is a career Connecticut trooper who got on board nearly 29 years ago. He said Montville is his last stop.

“I plan on retiring from here. I’m not going anywhere (else) I’m committed to this residency and the community of Montville.” He said he’s looking at four years with Montville. McDaniel said that was a good timeframe: “Our ‘terms’ will run together.”

"Proud of the Connecticut State Police."

Martinez is the father of one daughter, Taylor, 20, an Eastern Connecticut State University student studying child psychology.  Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Martinez lives in Salem, and has worked in the region for most of his career. He started out in Colchester and then moved on to the Narcotics Statewide Task Force. He said he was always honored to be and trooper and "proud of the Connecticut State Police."

Martinez then helped to start the “casino unit” after Foxwoods opened in 1992. Following that stretch, he was promoted and moved to Troop D in Danielson. But he’d eventually end up back in this neck of the woods at Troop E where he’s been for the last several years.

“I know these communities,” he said. “The same people I worked with in narcotics are now chiefs (of police) at Mohegan Sun. I spent my career here and here’s where I’m going to stay.”

And he has plans.

“I’m excited we’ll be moving into a brand new, great building where I’d like to see more police officers, more supervisors, a K-9 program if possible, DARE officers,” he said. “I want to see the (police) department evolve and continue to do well in the community.” 

Margie Martinez July 09, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Congratulations Marty! Keep up the good work! Margie SA TX :)
rose martinez February 02, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Congratulations to my brother I'm so proud of you. Mom would have been so proud of you. Keeping those streets safe. We love you Rose Groton ct


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