Mayor Updates Montville On Power, CL&P Crew Status

Still no time frame for full power restoration.


Mayor Ronald McDaniel has for days been trying to get answers from CL&P on how many crews are in town, where they are and what they're working on. He finally got that information at 12 p.m. today.

According to a press release provided by Emergency Management Director Raymond Occhialini, McDaniel said he was told there are six crews dedicated to power restoration in Montville. Five crews are working on a circuit covering most of town east of Old Colchester Road and another circuit covering most of the town west of Old Colchester Road. A sixth crew is roving for critical emergencies. Crews from East Lyme are working on the circuit that feeds Chesterfield and the northwest corner of town. No reliable restoration time estimates have been given to us at this time.

“The work begins with getting the backbone of the system repaired then the feeder circuits and then back to spot, that’s my term not theirs, outages, house here, house there. I am trying to get firm numbers and firm time estimates. The best thing is to continue to report outages. Please don’t assume that they (CL&P) know which people are without power. It’s important. I know it’s probably a pain, waiting on the line, but it’s key.”

Still major issues

For example, a CB tower on Chapel Hill Road is “laying on a main power line.”

“We reported that the first night. We’re still waiting on them,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said that while “most of 32 is up and running” Chesterfield is still out and that part of Rt. 32 from Starr Road to the Quaker Hill Mini Mall is out: “We’re still trying to figure that out.”

“We are working as hard as possible to (get power back on) and we’re going to continue until everything is made right,” he said.

Working on Sandy since before she arrived

McDaniel said town staffers have been at work on Sandy “since the 23rd.”

“We started reviewing our plans, making our game plan, clearing storm drains. Things really got active last Friday when we had a conference call (stateside) and then had 30 staff meet last weekend at the town’s Emergency Operations Center.

“We’ve been straight out since,” he said.

Ellen Hillman November 01, 2012 at 08:52 PM
"Ed Saves the Day" Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Mr. Shaffer brought water for drinking and water for flushing toilets and meals ready to eat to the apartment complex behind the Uncasville Post office. The complex occupants came out a few minutes ago came out to a table of water and meals, along with a tank of water to use for flushing toilets. The storm took down several trees leaving the residents trapped behind the trees. The day after the storm I tried to bring my daughter water for her and her husband and 2 small children but the electrical lines and trees were too dense for me to pass and although people had crossed the area over to St. Bernard’s parking area, the grassy area had become heavy with mud and I knew I would not be able to pass. When the trees were cleaned up I did bring her supplies. But they were all but gone by today. I promised to restock her tonight, but she just called me minutes ago to tell me Mr. Shaffer had saved the day and she sounded like she did on Christmas morning. She was thrilled to have the mess gone out of the toilet and to be able to eat a hot meal. This man could have easily ignored this group of people and he went above and beyond. Yes he is truly one of the best thank you again Ed.


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