Malloy Expresses Concern About Structural Safety After Rains

Gov. Malloy visited Branford where he discussed roof collapses and other problems the rain may bring. Montville has been lucky so far, good preventative maintenance, EMD says


Governor Dannel Malloy visited Branford town officials this afternoon to discuss damage from the blizzard.  One of the biggest concerns at this time, he said, was this morning's rain – especially as it freezes as it could lead to worsened driving conditions and structural damage to buildings. (See video for Malloy's comments)

Branford Fire Department officials confirmed several collapses in town.

In Montville, according to Fire Marshal Raymond Occhialini, there have been no such collapses. 

"We haven't seen any of that. Snow blew off roofs, melted or was cleared and drains were calred so melting snow, water went right though and into drains. The schools (for example) all cleared drains and removed snow," he said. 

But Occhialini shared one worry: mobile homes. "They could see some problems."

The Branford Fire Department shared the following signs of structural collapse:

  • Sagging floors or ceilings
  • Cracks in the walls or ceilings 
  • Strange or loud noises coming from the structure 
  • Bowed outside walls 
  • Doors or windows that suddenly no longer work properly 

The above are generally new issues, it would not be cracks, etc., that have been there for a long time. If any of these conditions arise suddenly in your home or office please call 911 and leave the building.


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