Like Magic, Roadway Is Cleaned Up

Department of Public Works gets the sweeping done on the road from the Senior Center to Town Hall

Ellen Desjardins likes to get things done. She’s the one who planted the gardens in front of Montville Town Hall, and who maintains them, just because she couldn’t stand the way it looked before the gardens.

In an interview for a story on the Montville Patch (click to read that story about her), she talked about a number of situations that irritate her.

One was the winter detritus along the shoulder of the driveway that runs from the Montville Senior Center to the Town Hall.

No sooner had Desjardins complained than the detritus was cleaned up. Department of Public Works Director Donald Bourdeau had said that sweeping – there and elsewhere in town – was scheduled, and he wasn’t kidding.

The shoulder of the driveway is as clean and neat as a driveway shoulder can be.


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