Election 2012: Montville Results

President Barack Obama won Montville as did Democrat Chris Murphy and Kevin Ryan, Democratic incumbent in the 139th Assembly district pushed past Republican challenger Leon Moore. Voter turnout was nearly 73 percent.


The headlines, Montville:

President Barack Obama received 4014 votes to Mitt Romney's 3115.

Chris Murphy came out on top of Linda McMahon, albeit by a slim margin of just about 400 votes.

Democratic incumbent in the 139th Assembly district pushed past Republican challenger Leon Moore and voter turnout was nearly 73 percent. 

Montville voters came out in droves today with a near 73 percent turnout across all the districts.

"Presidential elections are always a high turnout. In Connecticut, not the rest of the country, but here in Connecticut and here in Montville," said Mary Clark Wilson, Registrar of Voters, who has been at her job for 12 years and has worked as many elections. She said the 2008 election saw an 80 percent turnout. 

Montville's six voting districts cover three state assembly districts. In District 4, moderator Dick Wilson said the turnout there was more than 70 percent. 

The victors

Ryan, the Democratic incumbent in the 139th district outpaced challenger Republican Leon Moore, 2140 to 1044.

"I certainly appreciate (voters) showing their confidence in me," Ryan said. "It's been a lot of work, but it's paid off. I appreciate the faith people have in me."

Moore, who said he was feeling "in a much better frame of mind than two years ago," was at once optimistic and realistic before the numbers came in. "I'm feeling good."

"I'm not sure yet. It's not unexpected looking at the numbers here it definitely was a democratic sweep in the state. I’m not going to blame any particular candidate to the best of knowledge Kevin didn’t run anything negative against me. I feel great about the support from Montville I’ll do more footwork in Norwich than I did. I'm ok I’m not going to beat myself up."



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