East Windsor Town Hall Getting More Parking Spaces

Construction crews have started the project this week.


Work crews this week began work on expanding parking at East Windsor Town Hall in the Broad Brook section of town.

The project calls for five additional spaces in front of town hall and several more in the back and on side for a total of 11 new spots, First Selectwoman Denise Menard said.

The shortage of parking spaces has been such a problem that some times town employees have to circle around to wait for a spot to open up or park in St. Catherine Church’s nearby lot on Windsorville Road, Menard said.

“There’s been a need for a very long time for parking,” Menard said.

A new sign will also be erected in front of town hall as part of the project. Town officials have said the sign will be an additional way to communicate with residents. Announcement such as when elections, referendums, or special meetings will be posted on the sign.


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