Dangerous Driving Conditions Prompt Rescheduling of Council Meeting, Public Hearing

Mayor says public hearings are for the public to speak, but not in weather like this.


Mayor Ron McDaniel has just announced that the Montville Town Council meeting scheduled for tonight – with its packed and myriad agenda including a public hearing has been rescheduled.

The Town Council meeting will be held Wednesday Feb. 13 at 6 p.m.

And the public hearing, also scheduled for tonight, on has been moved to the Council’s March meeting.

“We want the public to speak at public hearings, but to tell people to stay off the roads and tell them to come out to a public hearing? No, we have rescheduled,” Mayor Ron McDaniel said.

He also urged people to stay at home and avoid travel but added that if driving is unavoidable, to “remember the three Cs.”

“My three Cs are caution, courtesy and common sense,” he said. “ The roads are still narrow. Snow is still piled high. Two vehicles trying to pass can be unsafe. People need to be safe. We don’t want to see anyone hurt or stranded.”




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