Montville Unemployment Rate Increases, But So Does Labor Force

Latest job report shows 8.4 percent of town residents are out of work, up from 8.1 percent last month.

The latest Department of Labor statistics show that the unemployment rate in both Montville and across the state went up slightly during the month of May, although there are also more people out there searching for work.

According to the latest DOL statistics, 8.4 percent of Montville residents were unemployed in May, up from 8.1 percent in April. But the stats also show in Montville during the month of May there were 9,853 people employed and 905 unemployed, compared to 9,624 employed and 846 unemployed in April.

The differences indicate a slight growth in the labor force, as 229 more people claim to have jobs in May over April, and only 59 claim to be unemployed in the same time period.

Here's the breakdown from the past four months in Montville:

Jan. Feb. March April May Labor Force 10,562 10,493 10,478 10,470 10,758 Employed 9,653 9,609 9,590 9,624 9,853 Unemployed 909 884 888 846 905 Rate 8.6 8.4 8.5 8.1 8.4

The slight growth in the labor force is also being seen across Connecticut

Statewide, the unemployment rate crept from 7.7 percent up to 7.8 percent from April to May. But, like Montville, the state overall saw an increase of over 5,200 jobs during the month of May.

"An expanding labor force may signal jobseekers are reentering the labor market, sensing better employment prospects," the DOL said.

“A resumption of more typical seasonal patterns now will hopefully give us a clearer picture going forward on job growth and unemployment in the state,” remarked Andy Condon, director of the agency’s Office of Research. “Growth in the civilian labor force, if it continues, is a sign that more people are actively searching for work and is significant since the labor force had declined four months in a row.”

At this same time last year, the unemployment rate in Connecticut stood at 8.9 percent.

In a statement to the media, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy didn’t directly mention the word “increase” in regard to the unemployment figures. Malloy highlighted how the national unemployment rate is at 8.2 percent, still higher than Connecticut.

“Given the fact that more people are trying to enter the work force because they’re more optimistic they can actually find a job, the change in the unemployment rate is not a surprise,” Malloy said. “We saw an example of that increase . As I’ve said all along, changing an economy that failed to grow jobs in a meaningful way for a generation won’t happen overnight. But I am committed to seeing this through.”

He went on to highlight the recent U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis report that Connecticut’s economy was among the .

“So while it’s clear we have a lot more work to do, it’s also clear we’re in the process of turning this thing around,” the governor said.

REVMAN June 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM
It is just a matter of time and those figures(doctored to look better)will rise after MoheganSun & Foxwoods lay off.


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