Chris Murphy, Democrat for U.S. Senate

The congressman seeks the Senate seat vacated by Joe Lieberman.

General Information

Name : Christopher S. Murphy
Also known as : Chris
Date of birth : August 3, 1973
Place of residence : Cheshire, CT



College : Williams College
Degree : Bachelor's in History and Political Science

Ph D.

University : University of Connecticut Law School
Area of research : Law (Juris Doctorate)
Year of graduation : 2002

Employment Information

Job titles held : Attorney at Ruben, Johnson and Morgan; State Representative representing Southington and the 81st district; State Senator representing the 16th Senatorial District; United States Congressman representing Connecticut's 5th District
Employers : NA

Political Information

Party affiliation : Democrat
Running for a: Federal office
Running for position: United States Senator
Chamber/district: CT-05
Incumbent: No
First elected: 02 November 1998
Previous elective offices : State Representative representing Southington and the 81st district; State Senator representing the 16th Senatorial District
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices: NA

Party HQ

Address 38 Town Line Road
Rocky Hill, CT

Campaign Manager

Name : Kenny Curran
Title : Campaign Manager


Website : www.chrismurphy.com
Twitter : @chrismurphyct
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ChrisMurphyCT
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisMurphyCT

Kenny October 04, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Chris Murphy wants a promotion. But promoting Chris Murphy would be akin to promoting an employee who shows up late for work, hangs out at the water-cooler while his team members are in conference, takes an extended three-martini lunch, and leaves early. That, in capsule, is Murphy's record of participation in Congress. We could get an empty chair to do that—the Obama model. But it's far worse than that. Murphy does show up for scheduled votes, just as directed by Nancy Pelosi. He voted for the $800 billion "stimulus" of non-existent "shovel-ready" jobs, cap and trade (which would have raised per family energy costs by $4,000 per year by 2032), cash for clunkers (that took perfectly good cars off the road at a cost to taxpayers of $75,00 each), Obamacare (that will bankrupt us while stealing $716 billion from Medicare), "card check" (which takes away the secret ballot in union organizing elections), Dodd-Frank (that places excessive and poorly crafted regulations on the financial sector). while supporting billions in crony capitalist grants to major Obama campaign donors in the "green" energy business, all of which went belly-up. A promotion? No way! He's awful at the job he has now.


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