Candidate Profile: Gary Murphy

The Oakdale Democrat has served on the Town Council since 2007

Editor's note: The following candidate profile comes from a questionnaire the candidate filled out.

Gary M. Murphy, 53, is a Democrat who lives in Montville Manor.

Murphy is a graduate of Montville High School, and he works for the Connecticut Department of Correction.

He has served on the Montville Town Council since 2007.

Murphy has been a member of the Oakdale Fire Company since 1975, and was elected chief in 1984, a position he still holds.

He 1is past president of the New London County Fire Chief’s Association, past vice president and manager of the Montville American Little League. He has coached Montville Pee Wee Football, and served on two Town of Montville Charter Revision Commissions.

What do you think are the three top issues facing the town, and how would you fix them? 

1. Taxes

I cannot tell you that your taxes won’t go up or down. You should be suspicious of anyone claiming that they can do this. Imagine how I felt as a town councilor, when my father left Montville because he could not afford his taxes.

Of course we need to keep taxes as low as possible so we can attract new business and keep the businesses we have here thriving.

I do believe we can do more with neighboring towns when we purchase goods and services together. If we join forces I believe we would have a substantial savings with our buying power.

The Board of Education started doing this with other schools in the area, all closing the same week for vacations. The town must provide transportation for school buses going to tech schools and private schools. This cuts fuel and overtime cost.  

2. Roads/Infrastructure

It is imperative that we maintain our roads by spending minimal amounts of money each year and using the State of Connecticut TAR (town aid road) money. Also, we must adhere to the road replacement plan. This will also keep our auto repair bills down. ( i.e. tires, shocks and ball joints)    

3. Board of Education

The entire town council has to do a better job with respect to the Montville Board of Education. Each councilor should get involved with a school or two so they can see what goes on in our schools. Also, they must work with the Board of Education to get more parents involved with the  school system. The No Child Left behind Act has added costs beyond belief to our educational system. The Board of Education has no choice in this matter it must follow the law.  

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I am a certified Hostage Negotiator with the Connecticut Department of Correction.

IRON-MAN November 02, 2011 at 05:06 PM
Dear Ms. Jacobson, Mr. McFee and Ms. Hillman On behalf of my family and many friends I wanted to offer our deepest gratitude for your efforts in fighting against the sex offender facility. You three elected officials went above and beyond the call of duty to protect the people you were elected to serve. I hope the good people of Montville see fit to re-elect you (McFee and Hillman) and elect Ms Jacobson as mayor. I believe if the facility is eventually built it will at least be much safer because of your efforts.
gary murphy November 02, 2011 at 05:10 PM
Mr. Poppin I know you are going to ask so here you go. I am a Correction Officer at the Corrigan Correctional Facility in Montville. I was advised by the Town Council Attorney not to partake in any deliberation or vote on any issues regarding the sex offender facility. I was not privy to any documentation or executive session discussion. Now, having said that I am opposed to this offender program being in our town or any other town! I do not believe sex offender treatment programs work. . Any treatment an inmate receives should be done while in prison. A sex offender should never be given parole and when released the inmate should remain on probation for the remainder of their life. There are quite a few sex offenders, gang members and murderers in the three Montville Correctional Facilities. These inmates are released into our communities a couple times a week. I do think that the best course of action for Montville at this point is to have a strong Memorandum of Understanding outlining required safety provisions and I believe they do. Gary


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