Campaign Notebook: Murphy, McMahon Argue Who Supports Sub Base More

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


Linda McMahon paid another visit to Electric Boat in Groton. Both she and Chris Murphy argue over is a bigger cheerleader and supporter for EB and the Naval Sub base.

According to McMahon’s campaign, she “has repeatedly affirmed her commitment to protecting these jobs; in contrast, Congressman Chris Murphy has repeatedly said he would cut defense spending and even voted twice this year to cut funding for submarine production at Electric Boat.”

Murphy’s campaign says differently, seizing upon saying that a Base Realignment and Closure Commission is one method to save money. She stopped short of supporting the measure.

“Southeastern Connecticut can’t afford a senator who would gamble with the jobs and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of working men and women,” said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender.

“Chris is the only candidate in this race who has always stood strong in his belief that Connecticut doesn’t need another BRAC and he’ll always fight to ensure that Electric Boat, the sub base, and all the jobs they support are strengthened and retain their strategic and economic importance to our state and our country," Lavender said. 


And elsewhere...

Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D) addressed the Democratic National Convention about pay inequality, reports the CT Mirror.

"America's women still make just 77 cents for every dollar men earn," she said. "It's even tougher for women of color. Those pennies add up to a real difference to middle class families -- trying to pay their bills, trying to get ahead, trying to achieve the American dream. And we are making progress."

jane September 06, 2012 at 12:34 PM
McMahon is nothing more than a female Rmoney. She lost on her core beliefs last time so she decided to 'change' her core beliefs this time. She doesn't care about the disadvantaged. She doesn't care about the middle class. But oh how she loves the wealthy. She loves them so much that she got her money the Rmoney way. Why pay off this debt? We can keep everything we have - declare bankruptcy - and screw the people we've taken money from. We can build a business on the backs of low wage workers. Forget healthcare, forget pensions, skru the safety issues. Hey Linda, I have a great idea. why don't you lay off a ton of workers and then go to the CT taxpayers and get money from them to (re) hire new ones. With the debt I have, I, too, could get rich this 'bankruptcy' way too, but somehow this is not what my 'core' values are.


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