Bradley International Airport Spiffs Up Flight Information Screens For Customers

The new flat sceen TVs have gotten compliments from the public, and airlines, Bradley officials said.


If you’ve noticed that finding out when planes are coming and going is more pleasing to see at Bradley International Airport, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The airport has upgraded all 80 flight information display screens which are spread across the terminal and other areas, Eric Waldron, airport administrator, said.

David White, landside operations manager, arranged to have all of them replaced with new flat screen televisions, Waldron said.

“It’s received tremendous praise from the public,” Waldron said.

The flat screen TVs replaced outdated square monitors as part of a terminal enhancement program,  John Wallace, Bradley airport spokesman said. The old monitors were square and smaller than the new ones, which were put in place within the last month or so, he added.

Even the order in which you find when your plane is departing has changed. The departures are now listed by destination in alphabetical order, he said.

“The new ones are more pleasing to the eye,” Wallace said.

The airport has gotten compliments from the airlines as well as passengers, Wallace said. However, some of the volunteers at the airport are finding it a little hard to get used to the new screens, he added.

"Old habits die hard," Wallace said.


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