Montville Police Start Facebook Page

The Neighborhood Watch Page Is Designed to Increase Communication

The Montville Police Department has started a “Neighborhood Watch” page on Facebook, Sgt. Michael Collins said Wednesday morning.

“Officer (Gregg) Jacobson and I sat down the other day and said, ‘How can we reach more people?’,” Collins said, “And Officer Jacobson said – Facebook.”

Facebook isn’t just for kids any more, Collins said.

The Montville Neighborhood Watch page is “a way for people to communicate over the internet,” Collins said.

He stressed that it is not for immediate responses or emergencies. For those, you’d still call 911.

But  “Anybody with any questions can get in touch with us” through the page, he said, and he or Jacobson or he will respond.

The page shows a Neighborhood Watch icon, and has a statement from Jacobson, the Neighborhood Watch coordinator, saying that his goal is to keep the public better informed.

“We have several active watch neighborhoods around town," the Facebook blurb says. "If you would like to obtain information on how to start one, contact me, and we can discuss how to start one up, and the benefits.

"If you have a problem where you need attention, 911 will get someone there right away. Non-emergency is 860-848-6500 press 0 then 0. Complaints that animal control might be able to help with, water leaks from underneath the roadway, call Montville Dispatch, 860-848-3974.”

Montville Animal Control also has a Facebook page.


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