In 2012, Montville Emergency Services Personnel Responded to 7,149 Calls ...

...And that's not all. Not by a long shot!


It’s a good thing Montville has a brand new public safety complex to handle its emergencies because there were literally thousands of calls last year for service.

According to the year-end report from in 2012, Montville emergency personnel – not including police – responded to 7,149 emergency or 911 calls.

The vast majority, 75 percent, were EMS (emergency medical service) calls for an ambulance, which does not even include vehicle accidents with injuries – those are separate and number 88 calls. 

But there were also building fires, chimney fires, false alarms, car fires, brush fires, carbon monoxide incidents, oil/fuel spills, watercraft rescues, gas leaks, Dumpster fires, unauthorized burning scores of assists including car accident cleanup and even a ‘removal of victim from a stalled elevator.’

Breaking fire and emergency calls down by fire district looks like this:

Chesterfield – 248

Montville – 1005

Mohegan – 901

Oakdale – 475

If you get a chance, thank a first responder today for all their efforts on our behalf!


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