CSP Out in Force With Sobriety Checkpoints, Roving Patrols and Mobile Breath Analyzer

Drunk driving enforcement effort is in full swing.



Drinking and driving is deadly and illegal and never acceptable under any circumstances but Montvillians that choose to cross that line this weekend may just find themselves in handcuffs.

Montville Police ran a very sucessful sobriety checkpoint Friday and today and throughout the weekend, Connecticut State Police are stepping up DUI enforcement big-time with roving patrols on Routes 2 and 2a and Interstate 395 and sobriety checkpoints in areas of Route 2a and Route 32, Route 85 and Beckwith Road and Route 163 and Interstate 395. 

CSP's mobil breath alcohol testing unit is being pressed into action, too, in the area of Route 163 and Interstate 395.


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