Project Graduation Fundraiser Is Set for Tonight at Chili's!

Also, Patch Is on Facebook; Help Me There With My Question About Lilies of the Valley, Please!

1. Expect more showers today, with thunderstorms possible, as well, and fog. But it will be warm, so take heart. And it’s not snowing!

2. Come back to the Montville Patch at 10 a.m., for this week’s “Where Is It?,” and find out who won last week’s contest. At 11 a.m., it's Amy Camassar's delightful Children's Book Chat, which this week is about the "Diary of a Worm," and Day 5 of Kristina Cribley's idea-filled "30 Days of Green."

At 2 p.m. today, check out the Montville Patch for a charming photo gallery of a little girl’s first pony ride, at . It’s hard not to feel good about life after seeing these photographs.

3. Tonight, it’s a at With each coupon presented, Chili's will donate 10 percent of sales to Project Graduation. Click for more information.

4. Join us this week for the Moms Talk Q&A! This week, the question is: How can you and your family do more for the environment? Have you already made strides in this area? What have you done that’s worked? The Q&A will be up on the site throughout the week.

5. Do you know that Patch is on Facebook? Take a look, see who’s on, “like it,” add your own news and comments – we’d love to have you join us on FB. I have a question there for all you gardeners concerning lilies of the valley; please help me grow them in my shady yard!

On this day

On April 5, 1985, someone famous said, "Any man can beat any woman at any sport, especially tennis." Who was it?

Answer to Monday’s question: On April 4, 1887, Susanna M. Salter became mayor of Argonia, KS, making her the first woman mayor in the U.S.

Thought for the day

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” -Tao Te Ching


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