Patch's Poll: Should The US Fund Afghanistan Through 2017?

The Obama administration said it wants to continue its pledge of billions of dollars to the Middle Eastern country for a civil assistance plan.


In an international effort to stabilize Afghanistan, President Barack Obama’s administration plans to ask Congress for additional funding toward a four-year civilian assistance plan.

According to The Associated Press, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Tokyo this past weekend where she made a pledge for continual financial support to Afghanistan until 2017.

This funding effort would be part of a financial plan along with 70 other countries, with the ultimate goal toward rebuilding the country's economy and other reforms, the AP reported.

Since 2001, the annual American assistance to Afghanistan civilian efforts has leveled out at between $1 billion and $2.3 billion each year.

The U.S. has maintained a presence in the Middle Eastern nation since toppling the Taliban in 2001 following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. There still are troops in the country and, according to The Daily Beast, the Obama Administration plans on leaving some 68,000 troops there by the end of the year.

A watchdog website, CostOfWar.com, calculates that the cost of the Afghanistan War has reached over $545 billion since 2001.

Do you agree that the U.S. should continue this course of funding rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan? Do you think this will be good for our overall national security or that this is already enough spending on these wars? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

LiveForFreedom July 11, 2012 at 01:33 AM
The Liberation of Iraq , known as George Bush's war, was extremely unpopular and will go down in history as another foreign war that many people criticised, including Congress. The Afghanistan war will be become known as Barack Obama's unpopular war. Obama has been campaigning across America "We Must Finish the Job". It is ironic that the anti-war demnstrators that were vocal during the George Bush administration have been quiet about Afghanistan. The United States cannot afford any more tax money and has spent $545 Billion dollars that we could have used for Education and Jobs here at home.
D Paul July 11, 2012 at 12:08 PM
This is a case of our government digging a hole without a plan to climb out. Historically it has been demonstrated time after time the catastrophic consequences of intervention... then pulling out... When we pull out of Iran & Afghanistan, there will be a massive power struggle, revenge, reprisals, murder, and suffering. Any intervention should be equally initiated & shared in every way between the international communities. We (USA) needs to stop throwing our tax dollars around, offering assistance, bullying our allies, and start minding our own business. Who are we to police the world, impart our beliefs on other cultures, and use the tax payer's money without our input? The USA is faltering and it is going to get worse unless the American people start pushing our weight around. Each State needs to demand a Continental Congress. To learn more... search rootstrikers
Kimberly July 11, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Don't we have to rebuild? Isn't apart of some contract that we signed?
Sandy D'Esopo July 12, 2012 at 02:50 PM
The Afghan war was an error from the start. After 9/11, Al Quaida should have been dealt with not with a military invasion, but as an intelligence action. That's how bin Laden was found and killed. In securing overall objectives, military actions have limits. Winning over the Afghan people, through diplomacy (often meaning bribery) would probably yielded much quicker results in defeating al Quaida, and would not have earned us the distrust and even hatred of much of the Muslim world. In invading Afghanistan and especially Iraq, we have needlessly created enemies where what we need are friends. Now we must somehow getting ourselves out of the mess we've made. Of course, 'saving face' is a priority, if only so we can pretend the thousands of young Americans killed didn't die in vain. We'll also have to pretend that the Afghanis and Iraqis WE killed we'll just forget about. Their survivors won't, nor will the rest of the Islamic world.


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