Moms Talk Q&A: What Does the Fourth of July Mean to You?

Is it family and fireworks and fun? Is it the celebration of the nation's independence? Is it the start of summer? Is it about your own independence?

For some people, summer begins on July 4th. That's it! The days are hot and long, the beach becomes a daily haunt, it's time for families and burgers on the grill, and summertime camping, and the best of all seasons.

For others, July 4th is about patriotism, and independence, on a national level and on a personal level.

For others, it's just another day in a series of summer days. If there are fireworks, well, all the better.

And for others, it's the start of a long stretch of days that might be fun, but are difficult to manage, between kids and jobs and camp and day care and a paycheck that never quite stretches far enough.

What does Independence Day mean to you? Is it the gateway to summer, or the beginning of a long, hot headache? Is it the nation's birthday, a symbol of personal freedom, or something quite different?

We'd love to hear what Independence Day means to you!

The Moms Talk will be on the site all week, so if you need to take some time to think about your answer, that's OK.

Ellen Hillman June 27, 2011 at 10:19 PM
Fourth of July has always been a day of family. I come from a large family and most of them live her in Montville. My Dad is one of 7. My grandmother who resides in Montville has 15 grandchildren, 45 great grandchildren and 22 great great grandchildren. Now add all thier spouses and that makes for one heck of a party. We as a family try to get to gether on the 4th of july and on Christmas eve. We have holiday parades for the kids, sparklers, tons of food, and of course the famous volleyball match of the year. It starts at noon and ends ...... whenever we are exhausted. It is the best memory I have growing up of my extended family.


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