The Winner of the Super Duper Super Bowl Wing Ding Food Fight: Laf's!!!

Brown Derby, the early favorite, comes in second

has won the Super Duper Super Bowl Wing Ding Food Fight here on the Montville Patch!

Laf's got 283 votes

came in second with 229 votes

was third, with 144 votes.

Here's what some of you had to say:

Laf's is the best! My hubby's favorite is the Parmesan Garlic...I'm a traditional Buffalo girl! DEFINITELY worth trying!!

  Laf's hands down!! Best variety of flavors and even the PLAIN wings are delicious!

  Laf's all the way!! Have u tried the wing challenge there?? I suggest u get you taste buds going and give it a whirl!! Not many can do it!! I specially like the BBQ!!

So congratulations to Laf's!

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While you're contemplating your wings, licking your wounds and watching the Super Bowl pre-game pre-game show, why not click on the listing for your favorite restaurant, give it a five-star rating and add your review? It's fun, and it supports your favorite spot, too.

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