Daily Five: Swamp People, Firehouse Bingo and Students Toting Suitcases

Your daily dose. You know you love it.


1. Is it not a relief to have a break from the stifling heat of the past several days? Now, about today, it’s going to be wet. Light winds, no storms, per se, just fairly consistent showers, forecasters say, with temperatures in the low-to mid 70s dropping to the high 60s overnight. Nice sleeping weather. 

2.  Remember that by next Friday, the after a certain period of time. The issue is that for at least some students, especially ones that have ever received any special education or counseling or health services, these files may be needed later on when, for example filing for Social Security. So if you need those files, let the schools know a.s.a.p.

 3. A friend recently reached out to see if I could host a 16-year-old boy from Galway, Ireland for the school year. I SO wanted to, but it simply wasn’t feasible for my small but crazy busy family and me. Just yesterday, on Montville Patch looking for volunteers and host families to mentor and host high school exchange students coming to the community. I just think these programs are great and I hope that there are folks in town that might be able to host a foreign exchange student. 

4. There’s some fun stuff at Mohegan Sun this weekend including those guys from the reality show Swamp People and the band Wicked Peach plays at Margaretville. This band is a staple in Southeastern Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut and I know plenty of Montvillians have heard them before, so it’s cool that a local band plays the Sun! 

 5. We've talked about this before and maybe I am bringing it up again because I kind of want to check it out, but Bingo! Come on, awesome!  Check it out at the 


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