Check Out Some Directory Listings!

And Don't Forget to Meet the New MHS Principal This Week

1. Expect another beautiful but chilly day today. Progress, not perfection, right? The National Weather Service predicts a high near 40 with a noticeable northwest wind. If you were in Jackman, Maine, today, you’d be much colder (the high is predicted to be about 28). And if you were just south of Tucson, AZ, well, you’d be looking at nearly 80 degrees. Just in case you were wondering.

2. Have you ever been in , in the Gristmill Plaza on Route 32? Check out , and you’ll get an idea of what’s there. If you’ve been there, maybe you’d like to upload pix of you before the tan and afterwards. It’s easy!

How about , at 2 Route 173? If you’ve been there, maybe you’d like to write a review! Click to read about Thib’s. And click to see a short video of George Thibodeau and customer George Vasiliou talking about Christmas holiday traditions.

3. Come back to the Montville Patch at 11 this morning to read a story and see some pictures and video about Karen Moorehead, Montville’s DARE officer. I spent some time with her at , and I learned a lot about DARE, and how much the kids respond to the program and to Moorehead.

4. On Wednesday, don’t forget that you have a chance to meet Chad Ellis, the new principal of Montville High School. Click to read more about the event, and click to read a story about Ellis, on his first day on the job.

5. Do you know a kid who’s a good kid, a nice person, a solid member of the community? Would you like to nominate him or her to be a Montville Patch Whiz Kid? Please drop me an email at carrie.jacobson@patch.com.

 On this day

On March 28, 1797, Nathaniel Briggs patented something that we all know and love today. What was it?

 Answer to Friday’s question: It was Christian Huygens who, on March 25, 1655, discovered Saturn's largest satellite. That satellite is named Titan.

 Thought for the day

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”  - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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