5 Christmas Revelations

Bet you've had one or two, also. Would you share?

Five Christmas revelations

1. Chia Pets are not stocking stuffers. Who knew? I thought they cost, like, $4 each. Nope. They are $15.99. In my life, that's a major gift!

2. Giving a "Got Youth" T-shirt, from the , is a great idea. And you can still get them!

3. I found myself longing for that burning-log video that some TV station used to play on Christmas morning. I found one on YouTube! It's in the photo box. I have not watched the entire hour of it, so I can't guarantee that something odd doesn't happen 47 minutes into the video, but if you want to try it on Christmas morning, there you go.

4. The cheap chocolate tastes pretty much as good as the expensive stuff! Check out , , and , and see if you don't agree. They all have the expensive stuff, and they all have the cheapie, chocolate-flavored stuff. A bag for $1 is so close to as yummy as a bag for $3.99 that the difference in cost outweighs the difference in taste.

5. Honestly, a tattoo parlor is about the last place I thought I'd find Christmas, but on my way home from the Montville High School Choral Concert on Monday, I was moved by the simple beauty of the window display at , on the corner of routes 163 and 32. It made me stop and breathe deeply, and give thanks.

Thought for the day

"Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today." - James Dean,courtesy of Happy Publishing

Weather? Mostly sunny today, with a high in the low 50s.


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