The Beginning of the USSA

The United States of Socialist America - My Thoughts

Forgive me if this missive is somewhat disjointed, there are many thoughts running through my head. 

I did not sleep well the night of 6 November.  I went to bed about 2200 after Isaw the writing on the wall, but awoke about 0130 hoping for a miracle but there was not one.  I slept through two alarm clocks the next morning. 

The re-election of Obama is an unmitigated disaster for our nation.  I have many thoughts about what he and the democrat Senate will do and when.  They only thing I am sure of is that last night we saw the beginning of the United States of Socialist America last night. 

Obama’s acceptance speech contained the usual lies and platitudes aimed at pacifying the misguided masses while he initiates his plan.  Do you remember his comment to the president of Russia about being more flexible after the election?  Standby, here it comes. 

Thank the Supreme Being that the Republicans held the House.  My analogous mind immediately thought of the Alamo.  The only problem with that is there is nothing that equates to the Army of Texas or Sam Houston. 

I cannot guess exactly which of our liberties will go first, probably the First and Second Amendments.  I suspect our rights will go quickly and possibly in bunches.  The Bill of Rights will suffer heavily.  I have great fears for the First and Second Amendments not to mention the Tenth Amendment and possibly the Fourth through the Seventh Amendments after the First and Second Amendments go away.   In fact, I am concerned about all 27 amendments of the Bill of Rights. 

Expect an executive order effectively canceling the Second Amendment by criminalizing, with a death sentence as punishment, the possession, sale, or transfer of all weapons of calibers larger than 22 that are semi-automatic and/or have a detachable magazine of capacity greater than 10 rounds.  The same will go for crossbows and similar devices.   

Just so you know the extent of the pending damage, here are the amendments that comprised the initial Bill of Rights.  They are linked to their texts so you can read about that which we are about to lose. 

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression

Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms

Amendment 3 - Quartering of Soldiers

Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure

Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings

Amendment 6 - Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses

Amendment 7 - Trial by Jury in Civil Cases

Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Amendment 9 - Construction of Constitution

Amendment 10 - Powers of the States and People

You can read the Constitution and all the amendments at http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html

I saw an article the day before yesterday claiming that Obama would be elected to a third term in 2016.  That would go contrary to the 22nd amendment.  I laughed at the article.  I am no longer laughing.

I do not know what machinations the democrats could use to get around it but, fortunately, the Constitution makes it difficult to change that document.  There are, however, two ways to do it. 

Look at Article 5 - Amendment.  In essence, that article says Congress must call a constitutional convention when two-thirds of the state legislatures petition the Congress for a convention.  Some read this to imply that the legislatures must sponsor a specific amendment.  Since Article 5 says, "shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments" (note the plural "Amendments"), I read this to mean that two-thirds of the state legislatures (34 or more, currently) must request a convention to consider all proposed amendments. 

Another method is for a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each.  Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes on to the states.  This was the route taken by all the current amendments.  Because of some long outstanding amendments, such as the 27th, Congress will normally put a time limit (typically seven years) for approval of the bill as an amendment. 

Once an amendment is proposed, it does not become part of the Constitution until ratified by three-quarters of the states (38) either by their legislatures or via state conventions (referendums?).

The successful execution of those processes by the democrats is highly unlikely in my opinion however the possibility does exist (Connecticut would participate I am sure). 

Next, the economy needs consideration.  Our nation is over $16 trillion dollars in debt.  That debt is increasing by at least $1 trillion dollars each year.  I guess it will be $20 trillion by 2015.  One of two things will happen although both are possible.  First, the government either will effectively print more money (“Quantitative Easing”) so the interest on the debt is paid.  Second, the country will default on the debt. 

Either are of those are a disaster, together they are catastrophic.  Think about $15 a gallon gasoline (assuming there is any), $25 a pound for hamburger (assuming the store has any this week), and $8 to $10 for a loaf of bread; or electricity rates of $1 or more per kilowatt-hour. 

The “sequestration” alone is a disaster that is about to happen, Harry Reid will make sure of that.  I know only a little about the fiscal reductions it mandates and I comprehend only a few of the ramifications.   I do know it would effectively disembowel the major defense industries and the military.  I shudder to think about the ripple effect on the economy let alone national security.  Think about the effect on the unemployment rate, how about somewhere around 10% or more? 

I wrote “Are You Ready for Anything” a couple of months ago with natural disasters as the primary focus but with mention of economic problems.  I am going to have to revisit that thought stream to focus on both.  I know that I am only partially ready for constitutional and economic meltdowns. 

Please God bless and protect all of us.

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REVMAN December 09, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Obama will go down in the history books as the president who changed America and the WORST president ever. He makes Jimmy Carter look good and he is just starting his second term. If you RICH you will always be rich(no matter how much you tax them) if your POOR you will always be poor if you MIDDLE CLASS you will now be POOR.
Jerry December 10, 2012 at 08:50 PM
I hope we all pray for Howard. He is obviously very sick.
Howard December 13, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I am sick, sick with worry about my town, my state, and my country. I may tend a bit to overstatement with my opinions and writings but that is sometimes necessary to catch the reader’s attention and make them think. Yes, I may be sick but at least I have not allowed myself to be brainwashed.
Jerry December 14, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Howard, the admission of your sickness is a good first step. Let us hope that recovery follows.


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