Security Breach - Red Hand

Security Breach - Red Hand, crime and murder enabling legislation in Connecticut

Connecticut State Representative Dargan’s excuse for his proposal to release firearms permit holder’s personal data is that he does not want parents to have to ask the parents of their children’s friends if there are guns in the house and how they are stored. 

That is typical “Nanny State” thinking and a “smoke screen” for his real reasons for the proposal. 

I sincerely hope that parents would know their neighbors before allowing their child to visit let alone stay overnight.  Asking is neither hard nor forbidden.  Ensuring a safe environment for their child is one of a parent’s prime responsibilities.  Removing that responsibility from the parents is the “smoke screen” in addition to furthering the “Nanny State”. 

The real reason for Dargan’s proposal is twofold.  First, he wants to intimidate law-abiding citizens.  Second, he wants criminals to conduct more home invasions.  The timid criminals will go for the homes they could identify as defenseless.  The bolder criminals would go for the guns. 

He also seems to want vengeful criminals to know exactly where police officers and judges live so they can exact their revenge with arson and/or murder. 

Eventually, someone is going to die as a result of the Journal News blatant comprise of the security of permit holders in New York and Connecticut.  Mr. Dragan seems to desire the same in Connecticut with his crime and murder enabling legislation. 

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Daniella Ruiz January 08, 2013 at 10:45 AM
yes, it is an end run on the right to own guns. as exposure to criminals (who also have eyes and ears) creates fear, especially an UNWARRANTED fear, and an apprehension that results from knowing that criminals now know SPECIFIC locations for weapons caches. lets look into who owns this "Journal" after all, it may be some subversive or foreign interest. & yes, i'll be as paranoid as i damned please, thank you! considering the effectiveness of our current democratic 'selection' process. they might as well distribute the names, social security numbers and bank account information along with the gun info too, eh? 'threat deterrent' is a great cat and mouse game isn't it? as long as the cat doesn't know where the mouse is. when the cat finds the mouse, the end is often deadly. is this the new america, where it's people are held to a literal standard, set by a constitution and subsequent flawed, tacked-on judicial edicts?


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