Winterizing Your Gasoline Power Tools

How to prepare for the cold weather

Now is the time to start getting those gasoline engines ready for their winter rest.  If you have not run the engines in a while, start them up (if you can) and let them run for a while.  Remember always to check the oil first.  If you don’t plan to use them until spring, prepare them now.

Winter Storage

Once the engine is running, turn off the gasoline valve usually located below the gasoline tank and let the carburetor drain out all of the gasoline.  Now is a good time to change the oil when it is a little hot.  Check the owner’s manual for the correct oil and oil filter.  If your engine has a fuel filter, change it along with the air filter.


Some say the alcohol in the gasoline can separate and cause trouble in the spring when you want to start the power tool.  Other problems are letting the gasoline get old (three months or more) and can cause carburetor trouble in the spring.  So the best thing to do is to drain all the gasoline out of the tank and carburetor for the winter and take no chances.  You can put the gasoline in your car with a proper funnel.

Two Cycle Engines

With your two cycle gasoline engines (the ones you add the proper oil mix to the gasoline) you should do the same thing.  Drain all gasoline out of the tank and carburetor.

Do Not Forget

Remember to do this to all your gasoline engines.  That includes lawn mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, generators, compressors, chain saws, etc.


Once those gasoline engines are ready for storage, you are safe putting them away in your attached garage or basement.  Never store them full of gasoline nor should you keep cans of gasoline in these areas for safety reasons.  The fumes can cause further damage if there is a fire.  Never keep propane tanks in the same area with gasoline engines. 


Any questions?  Email me at William.petrone@yahoo.com

rugger23 November 16, 2011 at 01:17 AM
Thanks, this is a nice article w/ a broad range of hints. I always have extra gas and I overdue the winter stabilizer x3 but I have never had a problem.


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