Getting Ready For Snow

Now is the time! Don't wait until the snow is falling!

Last week, Now, it is time to get the winter-related tools ready.


Fall is a good time to get ready for the snow and ice.  Check your old tools and supplies from last winter and see what kind of shape they are in.  It is a lot easier to buy new snow shovels now when they have plenty in stock.

Snow Blower

Try starting the gas engine snow blower now.  Check the battery and make sure it is not weak or dead.  If it is, try charging it or buying a new one now.  If you didn’t change the oil, do it now along with a new oil and gas filter.  Some snow blowers have plug in starters so make sure you have the cord ready and with the machine.  Check the gasoline and if it is old, drain it and put in new gasoline with a stabilizer you can buy at most hardware stores. 

Snow Shovels

Look at your old snow shovels and see how badly the bottoms look.  If they are  all uneven, you will not get all the snow off the walkways and this could cause slippery and icy conditions.  It is also a good idea to have an outdoor broom to remove light snow.

Rock Salt

Many people use rock salt to melt the ice.  This works well but might cause some problems.  First, if left on concrete, it can cause the top layer of the concrete to peel off and flake.  Once your ice is gone, sweep off the rock salt.  Also, dogs' paws can be sensitive to rock salt so if you have a pet, you might want to use an alternative product that can be bought at most hardware stores.

Get in Shape

Snow shoveling is hard on the back and heart so now is a good time to start your stretching and walking to get ready for winter shoveling.  Like everything else, get prepared before the snow starts to fall.  It will be much easier, fun and safer.

Your Blue Thumb Builder, Bill  William.petrone@yahoo.com


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