People of the Week: The Cullens and the 163 Christmas Tree Elves

Just doing good for others for no other reason than just to do good for others. We love that! And isn't that what Montville's all about? And funny, too, it's all about trees!


Our People of the Week have brought joy for many of us, quietly without fanfare or attention and been generous and giving with their community.

It takes a special person to do something so completely for others and not take any credit. But that’s something I have encountered in Montville since I began as your Patch editor in July.  And so this week, our elves of the 163 Christmas tree are who we honor. Thank you!

And as to the giving…it has to be the in need. They don’t have to do this, they just do. And it’s that spirit that moves us and so they, too are Montville People of the Week.


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