Montville Rescues New London Dogs After Hurricane Topples Tree Onto Pound Roof

Montville Animal Control takes 7 dogs, already adopts out one, few more to go!


Jack Russell terrier, a Shiba Inu (never heard of this breed before!) , an 18-month-old Australian Shepard mix named Miranda and a six-month old pit bull mix pup who was sadly neglected but is “getting better every day” are all Sandy survivors. A tree fell on their home, the New London animal shelter.

“We got the call that a tree fell which miraculously missed the animal control officer who was sitting at his desk,” said Montville Animal Control Officer Chris Martel. “They needed dogs moved and we had the room; we didn’t have any dog, just cats.”

Martel left for New London to help transport the seven dogs; five adoptable and two in quarantine.

The Lhasa Apso, Francine matted fur notwithstanding, went first.

“We adopted the Lhasa out to a wonderful home. My goal is to not have to return any of the dog's to New London and adopt them out instead to alleviate some of the stress on (New London).”

The New London ACOs are coming every morning to help with the cleaning, Martel said.

Vlad and Miranda and the other dogs are waiting to go home …with you?

Tiffany E Williams November 04, 2012 at 11:10 AM
You can see all the dog up for adoption at "Meridith Tiffany" 's Facebook page. Scrappy is soooo cute.
Meredith Tiffany November 07, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I also have them on my facebook page "Meredith's Dream to help the pound pets at Montville Animal Control". There are 3 beautiful babies left that need homes Scrappy, Miranda and Vlad. Let's all work together to find them the homes they deserve.


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