Montville New Jersey Sending A Package Our Way

Officials of sister city Montville New Jersey were moved by the generosity of Montville Connecticut residents in Sandy's aftermath


Just when you think we’re all done paying it forward, Montville New Jersey officials, so moved by the generosity of Montville, Connecticut residents who rallied in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to send boxes and boxes filled with food and basic living supplies to its sister city, are planning to send a ‘thank you’ package here in appreciation.

According to a story by Montville (NJ) Patch editor Ariana Cohn, that town’s Mayor Tim Braden asked his town clerk to gather memorabilia from the township to send to Connecticut officials and residents in gratitude.

"I think we should send a letter thanking them," Township Committeeman Jim Sandham added.

Remember the story?

It was just a few days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, that a few people from hard-hit Montville, New Jersey happened upon our Montville Patch while looking for their own and while I  redirected them I soon realized they were searching for help.

I called Montville (NJ) Patch editor Ariana Cohn and she directed me to a social service department worker running their shelter, whichwas caring for hundreds of people. They needed food 

I shared what I learned with all the amazing Montville Patch friends on Facebook and the next day, I put a box in the lobby of town hall and by the end of the day, the box had overflowed 10 fold. The next morning I shipped (thanks to Patch!) eight 30-40 pound boxes to Jersey. A day later, Montville (NJ) Mayor Tim Braden and social services worker Nancy Mertz opened the boxes packed with everything from boxed and canned foods, toiletries, paper products and lots more.

This was Braden’s reaction to your generosity:

"After 10 days of dealing with a catastrophe and tragedy in the town and seeing what our residents have endured, it's heartwarming to receive help from a group of people who the only thing we share with them is a name," Braden said.

And so now, as a way to say thanks, our unofficial sister city are sending us a package filled with Montville New Jersey memorabilia.

Mayor Ron McDaniel, who said last month he was inspired by residents’ generosity, will be watching the mail. 

Anna Burrows December 06, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Jane Gingerella December 06, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Wow, this is great!! Looking forward to what they will be sending!
rosetta jones December 06, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Talk about a full circle encounter...This truly exemplifies our "collective humanity...Great Story Ellyn!


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