Daily Five: Good Morning, From Patch, Trick or Trunk, and Bags of Leaves

Your Daily Five. Can you live without it? Yes. Should you? No! :)


1. An ode to autumn: ‘How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. John Burroughs. Today, showers in the morning and then cloudy in the afternoon with a high of 60. 


2. The first one was so awesome that it was clear it would become an annual event. This weekend is the town Parks and Recreation department’s Second annual Halloween Trick or Trunk event. Families park their vehicle, open up their decorated trunks and pass out candy to the visiting trick or trunkers! BE CREATIVE: There will be prizes awarded for the best-decorated trunks. Please keep in mind that although this is our town’s second Trick or Trunk event it is very popular and the amount of “trick or trunkers” visiting your vehicle may exceed 400 people. Please plan accordingly so that you can accommodate every kid. Trick or Trunk will be held in the parking lot of Leonard J. Tyl Middle School at 166 Chesterfield Road on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 6 pm. to 8 p.m. The rain date is Sunday at 6 to 8 p.m. The event is free but if you are decorating your trunk, you must register – by tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 25 either online (click on the WebTrac icon, browse events find Trick or Trunk and register), by phone at (860) 848-3030 x 321 or email montvilletrickortrunk@gmail.com.  

3. Are you a Montville Patch newsletter subscriber? Did you suddenly stop receiving it? There’s been a small internal glitch so please, please click here and then type in your email address and click sign up! And for those of you that do not get the newsletter in your inbox every morning, please do!

4. On December 1, the town Department of Public Works will be picking up your leaf-filled brown bags. Make sure to have those stuffed bags on the curb before 6 a.m. I’ll remind you again.

5. Do you play Bingo? If not or it’s been forever, this is as good a weekend as any to check it out and (bonus!) the jackpot at Chesterfield Fire must be won!




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