Daily Five: Blizzard Updates, New Face That's Not So New and Rain, Now?

Your Daily Five, folks is full.



1. It will rain most of the day with a high of 47.

2. Because it will be raining today, Montville Emergency Management Director Raymond Occhialini wants folks to be mindful of the weight of wet snow on roofs, especially flat roofs. Occhialini said since snow absorbs the rain, roofs and tree limbs already laden with snow would become significantly weighted down.

3. Perhaps it was concern for student safety; kids not being safe at the bus stop. Or, concern over road conditions in general for safe bus travel. And the there’s staff safety, some power outages, however small now, or caution against rain-soaked snow on roofs. Whatever the specific reason, in total, the call to cancel school for Monday was reasoned and informed. And however much an inconvenience for many with school age kids (like me!), it has got to be 'safety first!'

4. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said all non-essential state workers should stay home today as the state continues recovery efforts.  The rationale? Keep people off the roads as the cleanup work continues.

5. Tonight the Town Council meets with new member (although not a new face) on the dais former Mayor Joe Jaskiewicz. 


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