Daily Five: Blizzard Basics, Staying Home Safely, and Listen to CSP!

Your Blizzard of '13 Daily Five, folks!


1. Need I tell you what the weather will be today? B.L.I.Z.Z.A.R.D.

2. Please listen to Connecticut State Police. They know what they’re talking about. Stay home!

3. But, if  you absolutely must travel, make sure you have enough antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, check your lights and tires. And make sure to have a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, warm clothes, a blanket and a fully charged cell-phone.

4. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide excellent suggestions for dealing with storms like the one barreling toward us while indoors including being careful with electric or kerosene space heaters and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Only use your fireplace if it is properly ventilated and does not leak gas, save heat and fuel, if necessary, by temporarily closing off heat to unused rooms. If you use an electric generator, make sure you keep it outside! Never bring a generator inside. Use only heavy-duty, outdoor-ready cords. If the power goes out, use battery-powered flashlights and lanterns instead of candles but if you do use candles (I do) make sure to watch them!

5. For some seniors, because of slower metabolism, maintaining body heat during severe cold can be a worry. Check temps in the house often and make sure to check on elderly neighbors if the power goes out!


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